OK. We’re down to 9 days. We start in the middle of the week because our district is moving to – after two union-wide votes – a two-week spring break. I voted against it for just this starting-too-early-in-August-shtuff (among other reasons), but truth be told, I’m sort of itching to get back to work. It keeps me out of trouble. Though I am quite enjoying all the sleeping in. But ouch. Nine days.

As I have said, I’ve been getting e-mails with questions, and over the next week or so, I’ll be covering more of those topics (600 words, more KBAR, grading essays). This will get me in the groove for the rapidly approaching school year, and that’s a necessary thing.

Meanwhile, here’s a presentation from a guest speaker whom I respect very much. I “met” him through an e-mail listserv. Old school, I know. I signed up for the Middle-L listserv about 4 or 5 years ago as part of one of the requirements for the EETT grant we got back then. I’ve stuck around ever since. The list might go days or weeks with any action, but I’ve enjoyed reading almost everything that gets posted. My fave contributor is a retired teacher named Marion Brady. Here’s his bio in his own words:

I’m Marion Brady—father, grandfather, great-grandfather, retired middle school teacher, high school teacher, college professor, school system administrator, author of textbooks and professional books, curriculum specialist, publisher consultant, advisor to states, institutions, and educational foundations, long-time educational columnist for Knight-Ridder/Tribune newspapers, visitor to schools around the world, and mourner for learner potential being wasted by policies set by policymakers who may know a lot about business or politics, but obviously know little about educating.

Marion is very vocal in his belief (which I share) that the latest trend of “standards” and testing to ensure meeting of these arbitrary standards is the antithesis of education. Here, take a few moments and read his latest Powerpoint presentation. (It also proves that good material can overcome bad software.)

Hey Kid!

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Back soon.