Day five. My computer just died, so I am blogging from my 99 dollah HP Touchpad. It’s hacked to be an Android tablet. I’m not really used to typing on these here touchscreen things. I hope I don’t end up on

We’ve been finishing up The Midwife’s Apprentice. (I feel like I’m trying to imitate Hemingway with all these short, choppy sentences.) Today we’re at the end where Alyce knocks on the the midwife’s door and gets rejected. So I stop and ask…

“Why? What does Jane want Alyce to say?”

Now just couple of days ago we were at the part where Jane visits the inn, and pulls a Magister Reese while talking to Magister Reese, indirectly telling Alyce that she needed to learn to not give up. I had stopped then, and we made a big deal of it. So,silly me, I thought they were ready to show me they remembered from a whole two days ago.

“I’m sorry?”

“For what?”


“To promise she won’t steal her mothers?”

“Not bad…but no.”

All day most of the wrong answers fell into those two categories, with one or two outliers like this gem,

“I’m good at cleaning and cheating people now.”

But my fave was at the end of the day.

” What does Jane want Alyce to say?”


OMG. We all lost it. Finally I was able to ask for the logic behind this answer.

“Well it seemed kind of rude just showing up and asking for her job back without even saying hi.”

I guess you can’t really argue with that.