My regular(s) have read about my 120 Seconds book reports. If you are not a (the) regular, you can see an example here.

This year’s batch, while competent and mostly well prepared, didn’t really “bust a move” for me. They were all pretty conventional. I was hoping for a few more of them to go above and beyond. Example: One year, long ago, a girl did Juliet’s “thy happy sheath” suicide speech, complete with fake knife (back when they weren’t illegal) and death throes. Sigh. I miss those days. So after one of my colleagues asked me why I don’t make the kids do it more than once, I decided to try to kick it up a notch as former celebrity chef Emeril used to say. So we did it again, only this round, I reduced the time to 60 seconds and made it more of a pitch to get me to read the book.

Things are going much more… entertainingly this time.

I will put together a greatest hits of one or two lines each, but meanwhile, you can groove on this kid. I almost didn’t let him present, because the book he was going to do was obviously just grabbed off the shelf and wasn’t really what this whole thing was about. But when I saw that he was also going to ad-lib it… Well, I called him back to the stage; this I had to see. Glad I did.

Now I am going to kick it up yet another notch daddio. We’re going live streaming! I also teach the video production elective, and last year I bought a couple of wifi enabled video cameras. Today I finally got the live streaming thing happening through a site called uStream. So starting tomorrow, we will be live streaming THE ENTIRE DAY, including the book pitches, the vocabulary practices, Giver Q/A and reading, my snide comments… the whole nine yards!

It’s an experiment. It might not last. The wife, her nickname is The Safety Girl, has already expressed her doubts. But I am going to take a shot at it this week. So if you haven’t anything better to do with your life…

My schedule. (When it would be worth watching.)

Period 1 (inc. Homies) 8:15-9:24
Period 3 10:33-11:28
Period 4 12:08-1:01
Period 5 1:06-2:00
Period 2 is my prep and Period 6 is video production in a different room.

Here’s the link.

Have fun!