I have a real excuse this time for the latest posting drought. I took myself to Vegas for four days for my birthday. Yup, just me. All by my own bad self.

I know it sounds sort of weird, but I love Vegas. I got married in Vegas. On Halloween. Yes, it was at one of those chapels they use to have so many of back in the day. Our “limo” driver gave us a drive-by of Jerry Lewis’s compound, all the while talking about how his ex-wife was trying to kill him. Jerry had a fat guy in a lawn chair sitting out in front of the gate with a plastic pumpkin of candy and a ciggie in his mouth. The couple in front of us at the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel didn’t have a ring for the bride so the best man, with a seriously bad rug, splayed out his fingers displaying a huge rock on every finger said, “Pick one.”

It was fun, but 22 years later the wife is kinda done with Vegas. So I went alone. It was MY birthday after all.

I played a lot of pinball at the Pinball Hall of Fame,  played some craps,  ate at Gordon Ramsey’s new gourmet burger hut (luscious),  saw Penn and Teller (even got to be a volunteer), stayed up late, got kicked out of a couple parking structures while skating, got fist-bumped and high-fived by at least a dozen people who loved my Vegas cowboy hat (“Yo Tex! Great hat!”), called the fam a lot, and had a great time start to finish. Except for the seven hour drive each way. That’s more driving than I do in a regular year.

Of course I could NEVER live there, but still…

Anyway, I’m back and I have a couple of actual Outsiders-related items for you.

One: I don’t know if any of you mentioned this to me or if any of you are already using it, but I discovered something new that I added to my Outsiders final project options. FakeBook. I heard in passing at one of them thar “professional development” things (while we were snacking!) that one teacher had her kids make FakeBook pages for characters in The Outsiders. Even though I am a facebook hater, I thought this was a good concept. So I decided to test drive it on this year’s crew.

Here’s a link to the site.

Here’s an example of a pretty good one I just got. I especially like the chocolate cake reference and the horsey drawings. I can also kinda picture Dally posting from his phone after he robs the store. And Soda probably would have facebooked his letter to Pony in the church in this day and age.

I am pretty happy with the preliminary submissions.

Two: As you have seen, I have not been a big adopter of Twitter, I think I have a total of like seven tweets. But I did discover S. E. Hinton’s Twitter feed. She is an AVID user and seems to be a fan of the show Supernatural.

Among all the tweets about her fave show, she has also been trying get people to vote for The Outsiders as best YA novel of all time. She says she wouldn’t mind losing to To Kill a Mockingbird, but she doesn’t want to get “slaughtered.” I also discivered this tweet about writing The Outsiders:

“About a year & 1/2 I did 3 drafts in that amount of time. Most of it my junior year in high school.”

Here’s the link.