This is just the first volley… There are surely more to follow. Our school has been informed that we WILL have some sort of STEAM program by next year. I don’t think they understand how crotchety our staff is. I have been foisting tech on them for most of the 20 years I have been here, and in their eyes, this might as well be a STEAMroller.

Management sent several of us to beautiful San Diego for a STEM conference last week. Two days in sunny San Diego. You’ll notice that the conference we went to didn’t even bother to include the A for Arts. Our district sent three admins, a teacher mentor/trainer, two science teachers, one social studies teacher, and me, the token LA teacher. I did manage to find a few sessions that looked promising amid the sea of LEGOs and NGSS and Common Corporate, and learn to code and suchlike. More on that later.

But the most entertaining of the sessions was the one out my hotel window the afternoon before the conference got rolling. I was directly across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel/Bar/Restaurant. Sunday is their all day pool party on the roof. The line on the street was around the corner for a long time until they all got in. Oh my. Pecs and tats and bikinis and stilettos…

And this guy… It was quite a show.