I think my sad, tragic tale of woe is nearly over. Recap: Last Sunday, a palm branch fell from 20 feet up (while I was trimming the tree), and impaled my left hand with three spikes. The pic below illustrates what I mean by spikes. That is not me, but those spikes are dead-ringers for the ones in my hand. I pulled out two very similar to C and a portion of one more, labeled A, right after it happened. What I didn’t know was that a piece (“B”) was still in there. Until Thursday, when the swelling went down enough to notice.

Spikes of Doom
Spikes of Doom

Last Thursday, the Doc in the Box pulled part B out of the back of my hand. After four days. Every day since then I’ve had a hole in my hand swabbed out  (rather forcefully), and packed with gauze.

I was supposed to see the hand specialist yesterday, but got bumped by somebody else’s emergency surgery.  Ditto today. And now the gauze has come out, and hole’s closed up, and it looks sorta almost normal. But I’m supposed to actually see the specialist tomorrow to make sure. But I’m feeling pretty good, and I have some new material, so posts should be more regular now.

Big News. One of my readers, Mr. Boz, contacted me about modifying the Raffle King so his timer would be something less than 10 seconds, for quickie decisions. I connected him with the King’s actual creator, whom he somehow prevailed upon to make a modified King. This one has a 3-second timer. I think we’ll call him Junior. He is, after all, heir to the throne. So here he is: Raffle King Jr. Thanks, Mr. B.

Here’s Jr’s real address if you want to take him home:


See you tomorrow.