Just a quick one today, to post an example of a fine 120 Seconds presentation. Also to share a revelation I had yesterday for an improvement to the whole thing. It was actually sort of a duh moment; like, it seems so obvious now. Why didn’t I think of it 10+ years ago when I started doing these things?

I had one of my student servants make a chart for the wall with four columns: Book Title, Author, Reader, Blurb. After the kids finish their presentations they fill in the info about the book they read. I told them the blurb should just be a back cover sort of thing, or a sentence or two about why others should read it. That way, after a whole buncha these presentations, kids who remember hearing Tina read from a cool-sounding book, but can’t remember what it was called can easily find out. With an luck, they might even go read the book. Which is one of the main objectives of the whole thing. Duh.

The ones that had already read were pretty anxious to get their shtuff on the list. They were all pretty stoked on the idea.

Duh. It seems so obvious. Oh well, better late than never.

I asked my example kid if I could use his video as my demo.

He did a little dance. I took that to mean yes.

Tuesday, I’ll start posting the list so everyone has a list of books to recommend to those kids who “can’t find anything” they want to read.