On Mondays, the kids start an hour or so later and we have what they call TCT: Teacher Collaboration Time. I have probably talked about this before, but the way the union negotiated it with the district, is that half the Mondays are ours to “collaborate” with each other as we see fit and the other half can be used by management to “develop the staff.”  I love saying that. As you can probably imagine, the “collaboration” half  is used by most people as an extra prep. (Full disclosure: I usually use mine being tech support guy. It’s the only time my prep matches with everyone else’s.) Anyway our new principal was trying to use his half today in an efficient way, and well…

One of my pet peeves is tardiness. And a habit with most of our previous principals was to indulge our laggy staff. Every new guy/gal that came along swore he/she was going to start meetings on time and “respect our time as professionals.” The problem is they were always too polite, and waited for most everyone before starting. I ain’t seen a meeting start on time in 15 years.

So the new guy reminds us over the PA this morning…

“Teachers, we will be meeting in 5 minutes at 8:00 am. Thank you.”

Good luck with that here. It helps a lot if there’s food.  A few bagels and some doughnuts  go a long way in the good will department. (Why do we like our breakfast carbs round?) I had a principal back in the day who had been a home ec teacher coming up the ranks. She used to provide our faculty meetings with pot roasts and turkeys and pies. Mmmmm, pies.

But no dice. Not even a cafeteria coffee urn going.

I walk into the faculty room at 7:59 and there is about 1/4 of the staff there. I hear the PA,

“Teachers, we will be meeting in ONE minute.”

At 8:03, he’s trying to start the meeting (bless his heart) and people are still sauntering in. We’re at about 80%. That’s pretty dang good for us actually.

He goes for it at 8:05 (as close to on time as anybody has come in years). He raises his voice and tries to start it up. Enter our heroine, Mrs. G.

Forty-eight year veteran of the district and a subject of this blog several times.

She was actually there early. But as people were moseying in, she decided it was just the right time to shuffle over to the Riso machine for a little copy job. The Riso machine is situated right behind our new principal. And just as he starts to raise his voice to start the meeting, Mrs. G fires that sucker up.

Kachunk. Kachunk. Kachunk. Etc… I figure about 150 copies or so. I thought she was going to flip them over and do a two-sided run, but no.

Half the staff just looks at each other and laughs. The rest are too busy jabbering themselves. Our new leader looks over his shoulder several times and grins a grin of surrender.

We were rolling by 8:07 and we only finished 10 minutes late. I would call that a victory, and I applaud it.