Library orientation day. No teaching, just riding herd, giving reminders, shushing, etc. We’re meeting tomorrow in the computer lab to have them take the STAR reading test, so I can get a general reading level on them, and know what I’m dealing with reading-wise. We have an older version than the one they tout on the web site, but still, using a 15 minute test (in front of a computer no less–beauty for 7th graders), I can get a quick and dirty reading level on all of them. It’s mostly cloze stylie vocabulary, but it seems to be fairly accurate. Then I can take them in at regular intervals to measure their (with any luck) improvement. I try to get in about every quarter, but most years I usually only get in three.

Tomorrow’s Friday: That means Mental Floss, our weekly test, Trackwords (Scroll to the bottom), and our Friday doodle theme.

Nigh nigh.