beavis_buttheadThe theme of this week’s spelling (and some of the vocabulary) list is homonyms. It looks like these days the elementary schools teach the chilluns to call them homophones. Good thing they didn’t do that in my days @ St. Mel’s. We would have been right in there with Beavis and Butthead saying,

“Huh, huh, he said homo.”

(Remember, in the word homonym, the first o is a short sound, making it safe to say out loud.)

Anyway, one of the spelling warm ups today was,

John murdered the Cheerios and then he offed the Captain Crunch and then he snuffed out the Wheaties. John is a _______ killer. Get it? This is a pun on which pair of words?

We’re looking for cereal/serial. ( Just making sure.)

And as I always do, I explained that word serial is based on the word series and the reason they are called serial killers is that the murders are in a series, like 1,2,3, etc.

Lots of light bulbs go on here. “Oh, I get it!” It’s always the same.

However this year I heard something I can safely say I have never heard before. This girl gets a puzzled look on her face and timidly raises her hand and says in all seriousness,

“I thought it was the CEREAL one, like the one you eat, because the cereal killers ate the people like cereal.”

For a moment the entire class was stunned. This is a very polite crew this year (one class excepted), and nobody was quite sure what to say.

“Ummm. Really? Like … cereal? So you thought a cereal killer was a person who ate the victims?”

“Ummm… yes.”

“Like cereal?”

“Ummm… yes?”

And the wall of politeness fell.

It gives a whole new meaning to the Lucky Charms’ pink hearts.