I had high hopes for tonight’s post, but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I think I am still a little tattered from camping and rocking for four days in the desert. So let’s go to the mailbag.

I have  to commiserate a bit with a reader who emailed me after my latest faculty meeting post. She was complaining that her principal did the old hand out “research” to the staff to silently read during a faculty meeting thing too. Gawd. No doubt highlighters were distributed and eagerly snapped up. And the “research” was taken as fact. And waaaay too much time was allotted for reading… fidget, fidget, fidget, and STILL there are people who aren’t finished. And why am I still sitting here doodling guillotines? And, oh my Lordy, here come the jigsaws! Really? That means that they were only reading one part of it?!

Here come the tank, missile and explosion doodles.

So yeah. I’ve been seeing it too. It goes hand-in-hand with another trend in our district of late. The noobs schooling the veterans. Large chunks of our TCT (Teacher COLLABORATION Time) and faculty meetings are taken up with “trainings” which are, way more often than not, led by one of our fresh faces, who has another piece of paper to handle or “graphic organizer” or new acronym that is no doubt “research-based.”


We also had a missive from a new fan who was headed back into the classroom after a twelve year hiatus. Whoa baby. Lessee… twelve years ago was aught-four. OMG. My boy was five. This here blog was four years away, but I had had a class web page for seven years. (Check out those novels!)

How have the kids changed in that twelve years?

Not a whole lot, actually. I would say they are less creative and well read, but much nicer and more polite. They’re still pigs. (If I catch them tearing the fluffies off a page torn from their spiral notebook, look out. No you won’t throw it away; it will end up on the floor. STOP! Leave it!) They can look shtuff up on Google. Usually. They poke at their phones a lot, and they stand huddled together like penguins like I don’t think they did back then. But mostly they’re still puppies looking for the Alpha, and still very moldable and enthusiastic.

Just like I like ’em.

I am glad to be of help to anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to wade back into the fray after such a long time away. And as I understand it, she is coming in a quarter of the way into the year, AND has a social studies block to integrate too.

OMG. Virtual high five from California, baby.