“Yes, the camera is STILL streaming. Pretend you’re on Survivor and ignore it.”

Alas, that is rather impossible for the seventh grade animal.

The experiment continues apace. We’ve been live-streaming every period for about a week now. I even left the camera on a couple of times overnight. One of the kids wanted to watch the night-time stream to look for “paranormal activity.” His words. NO luck so far. I was hoping the little yellow doggie might come to life or something.

It’s been a lot of fun. I had one of the social studies teachers come visit live (HE liked the idea!) and he already knew to cover his ears when the timer was about to go off because he’d been watching the broadcast. Another history teacher sent two kids over to my room at the beginning of every period to prove to his classes that we were live. They wouldn’t believe until they saw the emissaries walk in. The other history teacher (that department REALLY liked the idea) devoted the last ten minutes of each of her classes to watching us one day.

I have kid who REALLY likes to soft-shoe dance around on my little stage before school. It used to be kind of awkward, but he’s a minor school celebrity lately because he got two or three eighth grade girls to join his dance one day, and it was seen “on the stream.”

One of my geniuses later in the day says mockingly, “I heard ‘Jason’ was dancing in front of the camera, and then some Leadership girls started dancing too, and yeah…”

“I don’t see eighth grade girls lining up to dance with you.”

Sometimes they make it too easy.

All I heard for the rest of the day was, “You totally burned ‘Stevie’ didn’t you?”

MCTV is live, baby.

Today during my prep, I took the camera to the ss teacher who had visited earlier. His kids were doing two minute presentations pretending they had visited historic sits in South America and trying to make it sound like they were actually there.

MCTV takes you to historic South America!

My next plan is to start holding court in my rocking chair (watch the stream and you’ll see it) before school and making it sort of like a show. I usually open my door at least 20 minutes before school actually starts. I sit in my chair, eating my second breakfast (the at-school one), and watching the kids draw on the big chalkboard I have (watch the stream and you’ll see it) and chatting and watching the parade (watch the stream and you’ll see it).

I’m thinking sort of a Johnny Carson type thing, where kids or teachers or other staff/adults can sit down for a 2 minute interview with mrC, and share a talent or interest or whatever. But we’d have to make it snappy.

“That’s very interesting. Next!”

This is going to be a lot of fun.

Here’s the link again. MCTV LIVE!