On one of the pinball forums I frequent, whenever somebody starts a thread that nobody responds to in a certain length of time (usually about a day), the usual thing is to see the original poster post a “bump.” (I may be telling a lot of you something you already know–I am a relative noob to this whole forum thing.) This post that just says “bump” moves the topic back to the top of the list of topics with new posts and gets the thread a little more visibility.  Some guys just post “crickets.” Like in cartoons when someone is feeling very lonely or to signify emptiness.

I signed up for Twitter and all I got were these lousy crickets.

Oh yeah, I also got banned for a while.

The week in Tweeting: @mrCinSLO

Wednesday:  “Vocab word this week:deft. GeniusQuestion: That’s why deaf people are so good with their hands?That’s where it comes from huh?Only in MS.”

He was waving and waggling his fingers in the air as he said this. “You know how they have to, you know, sign and use their fingers and… you know deaf and deft… they sound alike.”

I come in to school Thursday morning, rubbing my hands in anticipation of all my new followers basking in my wittiness and insight.

Account Suspended.

Did I insult the deaf somehow? Middle schoolers?

They thought I was starting multiple accounts for some nefarious purpose. I had forgotten that I had started a dummy account just so I could keep up with updates when my webhost went down the last time. By the time I got home from school and realized what was going on, they did too, and I was back without having to appeal.

Thursday: “Looks like they decided to reinstate me! Yay… I think. Banned after one tweet; isn’t that a badge of honor?”

Now I can really get rolling. And once I was reinstated, I found I had two followers! This tweeting thing is easy!

Thursday: “Left the seating chart for next period on display in detention. One genius: That class is full of nerds. Me: Notice none of them are here.”

Should have said is, not are. But this line was classic. This is from a kid who, as of today, still has 6 weeks of detention left. It’s that kid. His company at break time detention numbered about 10 last Thursday. Not one was from the “nerd” class. My boy is a self-professed nerd. He says it stands for not even remotely dorky.

Still only two followers. Can we come up with a better word for that? It’s a little to culty for me. How about “readers”? Oh well, maybe a bump.

Friday: “Our district encourages the use of Twitter but blocks access to any url shorteners. So any tweet with a link-almost all-is worthless to us.”

This really fries my bacon. Practically every single tweet I see has a link with a shortened url. The whole thing is utterly worthless if I can’t click on the links people are sharing. Plus, I can’t share any links with anyone else because they take up too much room. grumble (7 characters).

Today: “Talking The Giver today: “Was the Giver trying to hook up with Rosemary, or what? It seems sorta weird.””

This one brought down the house. She hadn’t gotten to the point where we find out Rosemary was his daughter, and of course when the Giver talks about love, that’s all he could be talking about. The rest of the exchange (dang that 140 character thing) went something like,

“Like wasn’t she like Jonas’s age or something–”

“Eeeeeew” from the chorus.

“And so, isn’t that sorta weird? Like maybe he should be taking the pills or something.”