Tomorrow’s a “teacher work day.” The kids start Tuesday. I have actually been trying to get into the groove a little earlier this year…

I revamped my class expectations sheet(.pdf) this year. I had sort of gotten into a rut each year of basically changing the year (or maybe a cosmetic change or two) and that’s about it.  I decided there was too much fluff.  I added a more complete list of novels, I rewrote the intro section and highlighted some of the technology we use, I included the late work policy (finally! duh!), and I added the KBAR FAQ.

Speaking of FAQ’s. I added some to my web page this year. I finally got tired of answering the same questions over and over (hmmm you’d think I would learn faster than my seventh graders), especially the ones about late work and extra credit. (The pickle recipe is the best ever!)

Anyway, I will emphasize these pages at Back to School Night, and with any luck, answer fewer questions this year.