image1Can you tell me what is up with this? There actually used to be more, but I wondered aloud at the phenomenon, and some disappeared. But still the line grows.

The custodian started leaving them there a few weeks ago, and as the line got longer, I couldn’t cope. The crinkling as they are emptied is bad enough (“What? I’m just drinking water!”) but now they are taking over. It has become sort of a science art project. How many will there be at the end of the year? What will the lineup look like in June? Will it span the length of the whiteboard? Maybe we can tune them all and do a water bottle orchestra thing.

And it’s not just the disposable ones (recyclable my patootie) turning up in the lineup of forgotten water bottles. Before my servant girl snapped the pic today, the row had featured at least three of those high-end, high-tech, space-age, reusable models. Usually they come back for those. Usually.

But what is it with all the water guzzling? Every one of them is toting some sort of water receptacle and sucking on it all day. And those that ain’t are forever asking if they can go get a drink.

Wish I could too.  😉

(Aside: In one of the warm ups yesterday, I used the word receptacle. OMG, you would’ve thought I was speaking Farsi. I warned them, “Looks like I have another question for the test Friday.”)

I thought the “8 glasses of water per day” myth had been debunked by now. I know we’ve been in a practically perpetual heatwave for months out here in Cali, but still… really?

One of the hallmarks of middle-schoolers is their squirminess. I think they all just have to pee all the time.

We’re going to do a little “unit” on bottled water later in the year. Looks like I have a perfect intro.