Just a quick little bit of circle-time sharing.

Regular readers (I think there are a few of you) know that I HATE cell phones.  I don’t really like talking on the phone at all, actually, but we’ll cover that issue separately. However after, ahem, a run-in shall we say, with a bum on a bike while I was skating, which resulted in 5 stitches in my lip the day before school started last year,  my wife has of late, “requested” that I carry a hell phone on my daily skate. So for the past few months, I’ve been carrying a prepaid phone with enough minutes to last me a lifetime. I think I’ve used about 10. A few weeks ago, I took a fall, and crushed the phone in my pocket.

My wife was at BestBuy the other day getting me a replacement, and of course the salesman was trying to upsell her the extended service plan for the phone. After listening to the guy’s spiel, she asked,

“Would it be covered if my husband broke it with his butt?”

My 11 year-old boy stifled a laugh, I hear.

“No m’am, that would not be considered normal use.”

Needless to say, the extended service plan was not purchased.