Back to School Night was the earliest ever this year. First week, only four days in. The subtitle of this blog is, “Five Shows a Day, 180 Days a Year.” But that’s not quite accurate. On BTSN day, we do TEN shows. The parental units walk through the kids’ schedules with 10-minute periods, which I try to fill up as much as I can so as to avoid a Q/A session. So I gotta do five more shows that day.

All part of the gig, baby.

Anyway, usually by the time BTSN rolls around, I have them in the KBARR groove, and I know probably at least half the names, especially those of the “issuey” ones.

In my class, the independent reading program I call KBARR (the extra R is so I can talk like a pirate, and stands for respond) is the cornerstone of my class. It’s part habit formation, and a whole lot of reading, thinking, writing practice/instruction. The habit formation part involves documenting your minutes reading by getting your KBARR chart signed. Usually by the time I see the parents at BTSN, they have already been being hounded by their kids to “Sign my KBARR!”

This year I had to prep them for something they hadn’t seen yet. I even walked around like an OCD 7th grader, and squawked, “Sign my KBARR, sign my KBARR,” and told them that I was telling their kids to do that to them every Monday through Thursday night.

“If Dad’s out back, or Mom’s doing whatever, it’s on you to track them down and get that signature. Because it’s your grade, not Mom’s. She already did seventh grade. It’s your turn now.”

Most years, the parents have been experiencing that for awhile, and I get to thank them for their patience. I also get to chide the ones who have been signing off on all four nights on Thursday, instead of a giving a signature each day.

“It’s not like I can’t tell. At least use a different pen for each line. I mean, really? I was in seventh grade once too, you know.”

This year at least,  I got to tell them up front not to do that.

The other advantage of BTSN being this early is that I didn’t have to pretend I knew any of the kids yet this year!

One of our vocab lessons last week involved the expression, “Ignorance is bliss.”

“Hi, I’m So-and-So’s mom.”

“Oh yeah? That’s great.”

I have no idea who that is.