Six. Thanks for all the groovy comments lately…

Today was the last day before winter break. For once I’m not going into vacation with a pile of stuff (the autocorrect got rid of the s I usually put in that word… and it didn’t know from the word autocorrect…ok now it does) to grade, because I gave the new district benchmark the other day, and took advantage of the time for once. More on that there benchmark thing after the vacay. I’m going to be part of the group reading the essay response post, which is also new, and I’m figuring that things might get a mite ugly.

And so today we were down to some mental floss, a quick quiz, and about 15-20 minutes or so of chill time.

I tried not to show a video, I really did. At least this one is educational. And I will bet that you have never seen it. Really.

Three things:
Check out how callous they are.
No helmets.
Be the first to figure out the title.