Alas, MCTV is now defunct. Let’s just say this:

  1. Issues were raised.
  2. My free trial with uStream was about to run out.
  3. See #1.

Watch me go all passive voice here for a bit.
It was pointed out that certain objections might be raised, and that there were some parents (even those who might not have a student in my class anymore) who might object to the visibility of kids in the feed for various valid reasons. It was also pointed out that the district had not been in on the decision to go live, and that there were certain parties who might see fit to inform the district of my unilateral decision and to vociferously complain about said decision. It was found in my best interests to pull the plug. Thank you to all the fans who tuned in. There were actually quite a few of you, surprisingly enough. The most common comments were about my “expectations and enforcement” of conduct. I’ll take that as a compliment.

I also sorta accidentally played hooky from another district ELA confab (#729 I think) the other day. Coincidentally–NOT ironically–that day I had one of the best teaching days of the year. So there you go.

It was a test day, which is usually Friday, but this week we were going to practice/train for the SCRABBLE tourney next week, so the test was Thursday, and didn’t cover as much shtuff. This year I kinda had spare week, so I busted a teaser of Tom Sawyer in class. We only read the first two chapters, but they really seemed to like it. It was the first time in years I had even pulled the books out of the cabinet. So the test only covered vocabulary (duh) and those two chapters of Tom.

It’s near the end of the year, and they’re hanging by a thread and seemingly all taking their dumb pills together in the mornings. One kid in my genius period was doing the worm on the floor during the warm up the other day, and we were all just glad he wasn’t talking! And Gawd knows most of their grades could use a little goosing. So I decided to have a little mercy (and fun) and let them take the test collaboratively this time. Or as one of my classes years ago dubbed it: Open Mouth – Formerly Known as Quizzes for Dummies.

I hadn’t done a whole-class one in a long time. They were already in their 4×4 groups, but this time I told them they could collaborate class-wide. Just like usual with these things, each class was different in the way they approached it.

My first period homies had some Cal Poly teaching students doing their observation time. We’ve had a lot of that lately. I hope they took notes, because the homies were money.

At first they were all, “Jhoony! What did you get for number one? Two? What? Wait! What’s number three? Jhoony! What did you get for three?!”

So I quietly (snort) suggest, “Why don’t you guys just put Jhoony in charge?”

So they did. And it was beauty. See you tomorrow for part two.