I know I’m lagging. Even though I am an old-school hunt-and-peck typist, I can get moving pretty quickly when I ‘m rolling along, and I usually use at least 6 or 7 fingers, if not all. However…

A few days ago I was pulling down old fronds from the giant palm tree (20-30 feet high) in my back yard. It had been dumping big fronds in piles, and it almost buried my bike one day last week. So, I was getting the remnants when one big frond let loose and fell toward me from 20 feet up. I deflected it with my left hand, and it left a couple of spikes in my palm (haha – get it?) which I pulled out. (One was over an inch long!)

Every time I get poked, even a little, by one of those things, there is always some annoying swelling. Well this time, the impact and the depth must have done something different. My left hand is about twice its normal size. Typing, skating (I can’t even fit the hand into my wrist guard), and worst of all, drumming and guitar playing, are all pretty much out for a few days. I’m typing this with one hand plus my other pinkie (the only digit that doesn’t look like a sausage).

I finally went to MedStop today, and they gave me some steroids for the swelling. We’ll see. But for a couple of days, I’m going to keep the typing to a minimum. I won’t even get into the story of how a kid today was convinced they were “optional illusions.”

Nigh. Nigh.