This past week just disappeared on me. I’ve been spending my time monitoring the Tom Sawyer Moodle Experiment, and thinking of ways to expand and build on it (it’s working beauty so far). I also need to figure out the accountability angle; all my grade grubbers are wondering how they’re going to get their extra credit, and some are already trying to pad their stats by furious posting of questions and answers. They hope that I’m grading on quantity. The next post will talk more about all that, but I want to post some stuff before I forget.

This was a week full of funny lines from the li’l darlings. These are the kind of things I forget to remember (as my seventh graders say) over the years, so now with this blog thing, I can “remember to remember.” Yes, that was an actual line from one of them. This week’s gems:

*After I “rebuke” someone in the cafeteria for not picking up his trash–

“No matter how much you yell, Mr. Coward, you’re my favorite teacher, even if it’s at me. The yelling I mean. You know.”

*After I use the following sentence in a warm up, The employees at Google are encouraged to _________, and come up with new ideas. a) differentiate  b) simulate  c) extract  d) confirm  e) innovate–

“Google is a company? I thought it was just some guy with a web page…like you.”

“Milk’s” attempt at a Wacky Wordy (the answer is “right under your nose”)–


“Three nos don’t make a right.”

(me) “Who says that?”

“I do, after a chugging a Red Bull. I’m ready for action baby. Let’s go.”

“But that’s not the expression.”

(from a “helpful” soul) “But three lefts make a right.”

(Milk) “Whoa. That’s too much. I can’t cope. Can I try it?”

So of course, he has to.

“Duuuuuude. It works!”

*The next day after the Red Bull incident–

“I think I have that ADHD thing. What is that? Attention, High Definition something? I must have that. I drank a Rock Star today, but it was too early, and it wore off.”

“That must be it.”

*Reading their academic word sentences while they work on the Friday test–

“Micah, what does the title ADWS on your paper mean?”

“Academic Word Sentences.”

“What, exactly, does the D stand for?”


*After an outrageous request which I would never grant (again with the circle time!), where I responded with, “Then you woke up.”–

“I swear I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Better have another Red Bull.”