90 Times.

I swear, their timing is impeccable. Just as I start to feel better and (presumably) get less crabby, the kids start to aggravate even more than usual. But I guess I should be happy that, for a couple of them, there might have been a breakthrough. And yes, I still call them kids. I crack […]

No Groove Yet (Also: The Giver and No Homework Returns)

I don’t know about you guys (remember the old Electric Company intro: “Hey You Guys!”), but I’m having trouble finding any sort of groove so far in 2012. The kids are all dopey and spacey (I know; how can you tell?), nothing much is happening around school, my student servant doesn’t even have much to […]

You Gotta Have a Program!

When I was a kid and lived and died baseball (I gave it up forever after the ’99 strike), I bled St. Louis Cardinal red. And growing up in suburban Sacramento like I did, the only chance I would ever get to see my beloved Redbirds was when they would come to Candlestick Park in […]

Only in Junior High

We interrupt this interminable faculty meeting for some comedy relief… I suppose that people ┬áin almost every profession could say, with at least some justification, that their jobs are unlike any other. That’s sort of by definition. But I think everyone here will know what I mean when I say that when you’re teaching junior […]

Dr. Crankenstein

There’s a teacher on our staff I used to refer to as Dr. Crankenstein because he always seemed cranky to me. (Remember, in my world everyone has a nickname.) We usually have quite a few kids in common–he teaches one of the less important subjects–and a lot of our conversations are about those kids. Usually […]

Clicker Issues

I just don’t know what to make of this year’s bunch. At first, they were looking good, mainly because they were NOT the ones from last year. Oh baby, I’m glad that crowd has moved on (well most of them anyway), and now the crabby eighth grade teachers actually have something to be crabby about. […]

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