Another first day of school. It’s actually kind of fun (except for the getting up @ 5 am part). The seventh graders are all in their seats well before the passing period is over, and they’re still so eager, and not…well…eighth graders. The eighth graders I flunked last year (sad to say that number has averaged about 15% over the last 16 years) have all gone to summer school so they can be eighth graders, but they don’t hold a grudge.

“Hi Mr. Coward. You gave me an F last year, but you’re still my favorite teacher. How are the sevvies this year? They seem so short.”

“That’s what the eighth graders said about you last year.”

First day highlights:
Our new principal (third one in three years) seems to have our unruly staff well in hand so far. (It’s still early.)

I have a student this year whose oldest brother I had during my first year at this school. Sixteen years ago! His brother is 28!

I have the fifth sibling from the same family this year. I thought it was number six, but I miscounted. “I hope you’re the last one.”  He is. “Did I get all of you?” Yep.

I have already been bribed with cookies in exchange for tech support. Maybe our IST department would be less surly if we gave them cookies. Oh yes, somebody also slipped me some Butterfinger minis.  MMMMM, bite sized.

I had time to show my traditional opening day video. The sheep. While they were packing up at the end of the period, I asked them,

“How many of you had trouble with your locker today?”

A good 1/3 of the hands go up, in some classes half.

“How many of you got at least a little lost on campus today?”

About the same number.

“How many of you felt like you were banging your head against the wall today?”

Of course, this is seventh grade, so they all want to raise their hands for that one.

“Well then, you probably felt a lot like this:”