Finally! I get to bust out the switchcomb. The groove is back.

We finally had enough time to get a good start today. I managed not to accidentally show the switchblade comb too early, so it was a beauty when I clicked it open as I read the line…

“The medium-sized blonde took a knife from his back pocket and flipped open the blade.” (I can’t believe I can quote that from memory – how close did I come? Well actually, I think I can believe it.)switchblade_comb


That’s the comic-book style representation of something metallic clicking into place. Like when Wolverine’s claws pop out. Snnkkktt! Like when a Soc flicks open his switchblade. When I flicked open my switchblade comb, they were so engrossed already that some of them actually jumped.

“Don’t do that to me!” One girl actually said that.

Teachable moment, as they say.

“You didn’t even really know what that was, but it scared the heck out of you didn’t it? Mine’s a comb, but the sound is pretty similar, and that sound would’ve sent chills down Pony’s spine too. Ominous.”


We’ve also been working on adjectives. Which means a lot of “Unpack Your Adjectives.” I tell them, straight up,

“When you’re 107 years old and sitting in your rocking chair, and you’re singing ‘Unpack Your Adjectives’ or ‘Mr. Morton’ to yourself, and you’re cursing me for having stuck that in your head so many years ago… I will have done my job.”

“We sang it all the way through soccer practice yesterday.”

“My mom told me to stop singing it so much in the house.”

“I found all of them on YouTube.”

“I printed out the lyrics so I can sing along.”

(me) “Ummmm. Haven’t you noticed that I turn on the subtitles on the dvd (get it here) so the lyrics are right there on the screen while we watch it?”

“I don’t care.”

Another fine three-word phrase.