Wednesday is vocabulary day; going over the homework, explaining and exampling, then the pretest. And that means the Raffle King. He decides whether or not they get to use the “cheat sheet” (the corrected homework sentences) on the pretest. As I have said before, it doesn’t really help them (it tends to make them second guess themselves), but they really like having it. And since a perfect score on the pretest means an exemption from that part of the real test, they want every edge they can get.

Today, I told the friendly class that the Raffle King had been crabby all morning, and had been saying no to all classes so far. So they pulled out all the stops, and even resorted to actually using some of the vocabulary words we had just gone over. Really. It was pretty boss to see how many they crammed into that 10 second countdown.

10 – 9-

“Please don’t be INDIFFERENT to us!” (Nice one, I have to say.)

8 – 7-

“C’mon, I promise I won’t be SULLEN to Mr. Coward when I’m in eighth grade.”

(In explaining that word, I always talk about how in eighth grade, all my former students who were so friendly to me in seventh grade, get all S & R — sullen and resentful — on me.  “Next year, when you see me in the halls, you’ll be all ‘Hrrrmm,’ and give me that look you give Mom when she tells you to clean up your room.”  S & R is actually what we used to say in high school. And what I was too. And actually, almost all my former students still hound me all the time.)

6 – 5 – 4 –

“We promise we’ll be SERENE!”  (Fat chance.)

3 – 2 –

“Please don’t SPITE us!” (HAHAHA)



The Raffle King listened.

The artist of the class then says,

“I told him his hat was very BECOMING.”

The Raffle King
The Raffle King