In the previous post, I touted the beauty of The Timer and havoc one might wreak with it upon the psyches of sensitive seventh graders. This is just a quick update to that.

The link at the end of this post will take you to a directory with my stash of timer sounds. You can go find your own on the net — look for .wav files — but here are some to get you started.


Change the sounds at random intervals. (Read the Read Me file for how to. It’s easy.)

Surreptitiously crank up the volume after the start sound, so that the alarm sound has maximum impact (sometimes literally).

Try to be talking just before the time runs out, so that they are distracted when it does. Then casually finish your sentence after they scream.

Say, “I never get tired of that,” after they fall out of their desks.

(at the start) Say, “The clock’s running; your mouth shouldn’t be.”

Say, “Excuse me, must be that breakfast burrito,” after the raspberry sound.

After time expires, but before you reset, if you click go you get the start and alarm sounds back-to-back. Kinda fun if you choose your sounds right. Like the raspberry and the scream.

Here’s the sounds stash. Right click on each sound to save as.