My long posting drought has reminded me of another classic seventh grade three-word phrase. They always use it when they come back from an absence.

“Didja miss me?”

“You were gone? THAT’S why it was so quiet and peaceful yesterday.”

OK, so. Today’s “long-awaited” entry will offer a glimpse into the “writing process” for this here blog thing. I like to try to get in at least 2-3 posts per week. It keeps me thinking about what I do, and it’s kinda fun. Also, at least in this context, I guess I like sharing. 😉

But alas, as in teaching, things rarely go as planned.

I started this post on Thursday, February 17th. Like this:

It’s been raining here lately. I don’t like rain. My motto is “Brown hills and blue skies.” I acknowledge the necessity of rain (sort of like my begrudging acceptance of the auto and the phone), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

And I still have to ride my bike to work.

And the other day my new boots leaked on the way to school.

Usually I would have a spare pair of socks (along with spares of other, ahem, articles of clothing) stashed in my room, but since Christmas break was mere weeks ago, I had taken home all the spare socks and excess sweaters and other assorted laundry that collects over the course of a few weeks. And the home ec lady (with a dryer in her room) wasn’t due for an hour and a half, and anyway, those socks are going to take awhile.

So I went sockless all day.

And not a one of them noticed!

I usually spend much of of my day with my feet propped up on something: my desk, the table my overhead is on, kids’ desks, etc. The kids like to —

Ok so. Now it’s time to go to Pizza Night supporting our local school. So I save, thinking I’ll come back after and finish.

Not likely. That much pizza makes me sleepy.

Now it’s Friday, and I’m thinking I’ll squeeze this post in for the week. So I continue:

–try to do that, especially when the kid in front of them is absent. I always shut them down.

“Only I get to do that.”

(There are a lot of those. “Only I get to… eat in class, drink from my water fountain, insult you, tell you to shut it, take a nap, decide what video we watch…”)

Anyway, that day I had to keep my feet on the floor most of the day. I did slip and kick back a little during the vocab pretest, but NOBODY NOTICED.

This is not like previous groups I’ve had who’d call me on my mismatched socks or notice if I’d worn the same shirt in the past week. I don’t see how a lot of these ones got to be 12 years old without getting hit by a truck or something. Just today one of the homies asked when we started doing vocab pretests on Wednesdays.

“This is Vocabulary Pretest #22. We had ONE on a Thursday. That means you’ve done this ON WEDNESDAY 21 times.”

“I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

No way! Really?

So here I’m debating whether this post is long enough or meaty enough. I’ve read that blog posts shouldn’t be much longer than 600 words because people can’t or won’t really pay attention longer than that. This one’s at about 475. But I think they were talking about those blogs that just post/repost news and make a few comments. I’m talking about literature here baby. And all I have so far is a sockless day where my lounging style was cramped. So I decide to save instead of posting. And now it’s Sunday, and I’m trying to get this baby in the bag before The Simpsons. Let’s see how far we get:

One of the words on said vocabulary pretest was the word brusque. As I’m going over examples (“Think of  the stereotypical New Yorker”) and synonyms (“Kind of like a little pushy and a bit rude”), looking for them to give me the word–

D’oh. We’ll show you the rest of this two-week ordeal tomorrow. Maybe.