First of all… as if.

As if some last minute review, or “covering the material” one last time (or for the first time), right before testing, does anything at all. You really think they go, “Whoa, I’m sure glad we rushed through factoring before the test

As if some sort of  epic  “practice test” will do anything except get kids sick of the whole thing before it starts.

As if.. d’oh, the sink is clogged, and House is on soon. Gotta go. I’ll finish this in the next post.

But before I go, I gotta ask Heather, over in the the comments section, what the heck does SOL Test mean? I was checking out your blog page to see what your 8th graders are up to and I noticed “SOL Test.” Where I come from that has always meant, “$#!* Outta Luck. Maybe for some of them, that’s the end result.

I guess that’s what they mean by high stakes testing?