I didn’t keep my December resolution…obviously. I haven’t had a working computer for two weeks now, and I HATE trying to type on my tablet. My new computer should be here in the next few days, and I will be able to unleash the torrent of posts that have been backing up. hahahahaha

I am looking forward to digging into Mr. M’s latest issue. We are getting some similar pressure around these parts too, and I am resisting it. So are several of our wily veterans. This one really fries my bacon.  More tonight, when I can hijack the boy’s computer.

Before I get back to work, I just have to share the post that was supposed to happen on Christmas Eve.

We were hanging out at my parents with one of my brothers and his family on Christmas Eve, and my dad puled out a sheet of Christmas-carol-themed Wacky Wordies. And we started shouting out answers, trying to be the first to solve each one.

About halfway down the list was a picture of what looked like a “wise man” with a puzzled expression looking at a child in a manger. There was a big question mark.

“What Child is This?” I shouted.

My niece, an 8th grader in every sense of the word, shouts back most triumphantly, with the expectation of victory in her voice…