Been a while, I know… So I’m going all dot dot dot on you.

It’s been almost a month–since September 14 to be exact–that the Standing Girl first decided to stand for the whole period. Not all periods. Just mine. And she’s still standing. Just for me. She still won’t say why…

She does sit for tests…

Finally getting into chapter 7. Chapter 6 was fun as always. I think it’s my fave. It has a lot of humor, probably more than anywhere in the book–Dally’s line, “Forget those blasted kids!” never fails to get a laugh.

This year though there was a new comment.

“And all the kids’ parents are right there and heard that!”

I never really thought of that.

And Dally cussing out Pony at the hospital is another surefire laugh-getter. I love rolling around slouched in my rolly chair waving my fist like Dally… In fact this is the chapter where we really start to like Dally. First, he’s funny. (I think he might have more funny lines than the supposed clown Two-Bit.) Second, we see that he cares about Johnny. Miss Susan Eloise is setting us up nicely for chapter nine.

I read somewhere that the plot decision to burn down the church came from her high school friends when she asked them to help relieve her writer’s block. Maybe I should write a letter asking her to confirm or deny.

Chapter 6 also elicits (vocab word last week) both kinds of tears. The sad kind about Johnny, and the good kind about Darry. Lots of sniffles this time of year…

And they all die at Pony smoking at the hospital.

The video class is still (barely) controlled chaos. We have finished a few more school rule PSA videos, and many of the kids are now working on their next project. They have their choice of two projects. One is a 90 second profile of someone who makes a difference at our school. Sort of cheesy, I know, but I figure they need a bit of interviewing experience. Plus I have all these boom mics and wireless mics and such… So they’re supposed to ask five questions, edit it down and create mini profile. The problem with this one has been getting people to say yes… So far only two have been brave enough to say yes, and only one of those actually underwent the ordeal. (It’s in the editing phase right now.)  So there’s been a lot of…

“I’m waiting to hear back from my person.”

There is also a scheduling issue, since I only have one period of this class… I might have to rethink this one, or think of some short short projects they can work on while they’re waiting for their person. (Cue Lou Reed.)

Wait I just thought of one… “Man on the Street” interviews. You ask one question of six people or something like that. Our eighth graders are at lunch during that period, making for a great pool to draw from. And you could include their keepers doing yard duty…hmmmm…

OK. Better.

The other option is to create a 60 second commercial for our school. I told them that the first step was to create a slogan, and that would be the “concept” for the video. I asked them to brainstorm at least ten slogans each, and then we would pick the best to start “visualizing.”

OMG. Nothing but nothing.



One pair did get some good ones, and started working on their school promo, but the rest I sent back to the drawing board.

“What do you want for free?”


So if you all have any ideas beyond news story sort of things, I’d sure love to hear ’em…

Mr. M? As they say in Hawaii, Howzit?