Day Three… And I already wasted a whole weekend without posting. D’oh. Marion Brady to the rescue.

I know listservs are so 1998, but as I have said here several times before, you should still be subscribed to at least one: MiddleL.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of a listserv (or e-mail list), go to Wikipedia and read up. My regulars probably probably remember me beating this drum before, but I’ma gonna do it again. Go join up. People with problems/questions like our MrM’s get answers all the time from people with a lot more letters after their names than I have. You can sign up here.

As I have also said before (here’s the first time), my fave contributor on MiddleL is Marion Brady, who has some revolutionary (these days) ideas about education. ¬†We all know that things like NCLB and “Race to the Top” and the testing associated with them are doing more harm than good. The tests are mostly about memorized knowledge and not about the skills need in a future world. Which, by the way, probably can’t be tested for. But there’s a lot of money to be made in the testing bidness, and everyone thinks they know what’s best for schools since everyone’s been through several schools. Plus the conversation about education has been hijacked by business interests, and the above-mentioned testing companies. Marion Brady expresses all of this much better than I do all the time. And he’s just one of many excellent people who are Middle L regulars. Go join up now.

His latest post is quite a teach. He challenged his friend, who is on the school board of one of the largest districts in the country, to take his state’s 10th grade tests.


I think everyone who wants to have a say in how our kids are educated or what they should learn or how it should be taught or tested, should have to take and pass any test they want to foist on the kids. I say bring it.

Here’s the Washington Post article:

When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids