I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions.  (I’ll wait while you go read that post. Really, you should. Then you’ll understand when I say, “Well at first I was like…”) OK.

But I have made a December 7 resolution. I’m going to post 12 times between now and Christmas Eve. So here we go. On the first day of Christmas…

I’m hoping we have some DEVO fans out there. I’ve been feeling a little crabby lately for various little reasons, and so the idea of  “Whipping it good”  is rather appealing lately. So along comes this handy flowchart. But first you might want to rock to the song a bit before tackling the flowchart.

[audio:http://www.teachingtheoutsiders.com/audio/Devo – Whip It.mp3]

NOW, you’re ready.

Click for the full-size.

 Feel free to implement the procedure in your classroom. You’re welcome.