(Morning Update: I just remembered that after the boy was down to the last couple, he put them out for bid. He got 5 dollah for the last one.)

Looks like I am going to have to pad this one out a bit, since the title pretty much sums up the post. The cupcakes were home-made. There was a rose too. Now picture possible scenarios…

First before I get started, I have to say something about my (limited) Twitter experience so far. How the H – E- double toothpicks do you Twitter people (Tweeters?) keep up? I have like 4 followers and I think I follow maybe 6 or 7 people. I installed that Tweetdeck app on my tablet, and now I swear that it’s a torrent of tweeting. Every 15 minutes the notifier pops up and says there are 68 new tweets. And most of them have links to follow. In 15 minutes? Really? 68? I can’t even imagine what  having hundreds (or thousands or more) of followers or followees must look like. OMG… I couldn’t cope. I am sure I am doing it wrong, but there has to be a better way to communicate than three sentences at a time dozens of times a day.

Still, every now and then something catches my eye. Like the one a few days ago from our homegirl from the comments section, @QuinnnEng8:

Hall duty on Valentine’s Day in a middle school is like seeing all of ABC Family’s programming performed live!

Couldn’t agree more. Our story today would have had my boy played by a young Michael J. Fox (pre Family Ties) and MJF’s sitcom sister, Justine Bateman, as the female lead. I don’t know the baker of the title cupcakes, so I can’t cast that role at this time.

My boy’s elective class is called Leadership. I guess there are a few might-be leaders in that class, but… Anyway, they had a mandatory V-Day luncheon, where they drew names and had to shop for a little something for lunch during class that day. Of course my boy waited until the last minute, and we had to rush down to Trader Joe’s to try fill his assigned menu. (Likes: fruit snacks, French bread, Pirate’s Booty, watermelon, and sushi. Dislikes: Almost any vegetable and “healthy looking brown bread.”) Then she was absent.

That was just a head fake. My boy is not the male lead here. He’s in 8th grade, but he’s not yet a true 8th grader, if you know what I mean. He hasn’t yet lost his mind to hormones, and can still think clearly. I think I  like still having a boy instead of an 8th grader.

A sideshow during the luncheon was another class member and his crush on “Justine.” Word on the street was that he had been nursing a crush on her for a good while, and finally figured this was his chance. He brought her nine cupcakes he had made himself and a rose. (Nine? As the wife pointed out, don’t you usually make a dozen? We figure he ate three due to nervousness.)

So he busts them out.

And it is reallllly awkward. She won’t even give him a sympathy taste. She does keep the rose. Is that an insult or a bone thrown?

Ouch. They gotta stop showing on tv that this stuff works.

Now he doesn’t want the cupcakes back. So he gives them to my boy.

OK. So what ALWAYS happens when one kid suddenly has something desirable? Or even just when you walk in with a doughnut or a cookie from the lounge.

“Can I have one?”

I swear, they turn into little hobos. It’s worse than Halloween.

But being the enterprising boy that he is, my son offered them up for sale.

The boy tried to give  the profits to the would-be Romeo to sort of ease the pain, but he was rebuffed.  (Under further Mom questioning, it was revealed that there was a commission that was to be retained, but he mostly tried to do the right thing.)

Right now, his Leadership class is having a fundraiser for a local charity. 100% of the profits went there.

Full Disclosure: My wife was the one who came up with the name, The Cupcakes of Spurned Love.