Since yesterday was late start day, classes were 11 minutes shorter, and what with copying the homework into planners and warmup and Academic Words Pretest #1, we ran out of time for Outsiders. Boy Howdy, they were ready today.

The three biggest parts of chapter three:

1) Ponyboy blowing up about Darry and dissing Johnny (“…and we all know you ain’t wanted at home…” OUCH. But Two-Bit gives Pony one upside the head for us.)

2) The confrontation with Randy and Bob (Two-Bit’s joke, “Pity the back seat…” goes right by most of them; I usually pause and wait, and then explain) and Cherry telling Pony she’s going to pretend not to know him, which leads to our second important sunset line, “Just remember, some of us watch sunsets too.”

3) The blowup with Darry. There really is silence in the classroom when Darry slaps Pony. The kids are as shocked as Pony. They also laugh when Darry yells, “Pony, I didn’t mean to,” which Darry just got through yelling at Pony for saying.

I managed to stop one class at the end of chapter three. “I was wrong.” Oh the begging. HAHAHAHAHA.

One of the afternoon classes got into chapter four. Once the Mustang toots its horn at Pony and Johnny in the park…I own them. A fire alarm wouldn’t have gotten them out of their seats. I stop though, and we review the advantages and disadvantages of a first person narrator. “What happens if something happens to Pony? He can’t show us what’s happening, if he’s, well let’s say… Well, he can’t show us what he isn’t there to see.. And you are all under oath to not tell any other classes what’s about to transpire. Here we go.”

As one student leaves today, she says, “I never would have read this book on my own. Now it’s already my favorite book of all time.”

OMG, as they say. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

(Soon, I get to bust Hank Williams on them.)