It’s before school, and I am trying to get a little last-minute shuteye before the hordes descend.

Thunk! Thunk!


My room is close to the “activity” quad, and it was quiet out there a couple of minutes ago, but now…

Crinkle, crinkle. Thunk!


What the…?

Finally, I have to climb out of my comfy chair and poke my head out.

I see a group of kids half-surrounding another kid, who is crinkling a small plastic water bottle and doing some sort of mental prep. Then he flips his water bottle.


This is what they are all trying to do:

I am suddenly seeing it everywhere. This crew was trying to get theirs to land on the top of these pillars we have surrounding the quad, but now I see them trying to land bottles on cafeteria tables, desks, chairs, the ground, binders, and each other.

Most of the time, whether they land it clean or not, the bottle makes a THUNK which echoes through the halls. Add to that the inevitable crinkling sound as they get just the right motion and gription, and the cheers, groans, and taunts that accompany every toss, and you’ve got all fixin’s for a major annoyance.


I kinda like it. It at least involves practice and a “skill” of some kind. And it sure beats them poking at their phones or each other in the mornings during my yard duty. It’s pretty entertaining to watch.

If only there were a mute button.

Back in my day, we probably would have gambled on it, but there wasn’t really any such thing as small plastic water bottles. So we actually pitched dimes and quarters against the wall, and played “Odds or Evens” flipping quarters against a buddy and predicting if they were the same or different.

There were also yoyos. Every 10 months or so… there were yoyos.

I guess like most fads these days, this new one is a YouTube thing:

I just wish they would stop crinkling the stupid bottles in class.