You know the scoring session from last time? Here’s what officially happened, according to the blog post from our Instructional Services Learning and Achievement department:

On May 22, English teachers from across our district came together for our final common assessment scoring day. With the new Common Core emphasis on argumentation, we engaged in thoughtful discussions around our new six-point rubric that includes the components of argumentation (CaCCSS standard W.1), coherence in writing (CaCCSS standard W.4), and two areas of conventions (CaCCSS L.1, L.2). In addition, teachers perused Common Core Exemplars of argumentative writing spanning grades K-12, calibrated our grade-level expectations, and engaged in collaborative analysis of the argumentation performance task. In quantitative terms, our end product was the completed scoring of the Term 2 ELA Common Assessments. In qualitative terms, our take away was a deeper understanding of CaCCSS argumentation standards.

This is why I have never had the desire to get a master’s or a phd or become an admin. I just can’t bring myself to talk like that.