The Three-Word Phrase List

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After I posted yesterday about IHAQ’s, I realized that when most of my questionoholics say, “I have a question,” it really sounds like, “I’ve a question.” This pronunciation makes it yet another three-word-phrase we can add to the list of essential junior high “communication.”

If we were to write an Oxford-style dictionary of all junior high phrases, we surely wouldn’t need more than a single sheet of paper. (Most of them couldn’t even come up with a decent slang word to write a paragraph about. I had half of them write about “cool” and the rest were “sick.”) And the three-word phrase section would be most of our dictionary. Here’s the latest iteration of the list with handy translations.

1. “It’s not fair.” – Used for anything they don’t like.
2. “This is boring.” – See #1.
3. “What’s my grade?” – “I am pretending I care.”
4. “What I miss?” – See #3.

I already talked about those four classics here. ‘Nuff said.

5.  “I don’t care.” – “I really do care, but I don’t think I can do anything about it.”
6. “I don’t know.” – “I might know, but can’t admit it, because then I would face consequences.” Or, if that is not the case, “I don’t even know what the question was.”
7. “I SAW you.” – “I can’t believe you exist outside the classroom.”
8. “I hate ____.” (math, you, cauliflower, etc.) – See #1.
9.  “S’not my fault.” – “It really is my fault.”

Here’s the original post for those five.

10. “I’ve a question.” – “I really do (or did) have a question, but it might (probably) not have anything to do with what you’re talking about.”
11. “It’s at home.”  – “I didn’t do it.”
12. “Because it’s fun.”  – “Because it annoys you.”

Those last three are new additions to the canon. The “it’s at home” one has been seeing some heavy use lately. Variations on home include: at my dad’s house, in my backpack somewhere (but not really), on the moon, and ummm.

Are there any three-word phrases I’ve left out?


2 Responses to “The Three-Word Phrase List”

  1. Ms. W on September 25th, 2010 9:13 am

    “It wasn’t me!”- usually with no actual accusation- comes from sheer guilt
    “I’m not late!”- running in the door as the bell rings
    “I need a…”- I suppose it’s a 4 word phrase, once they add “pencil”, “paper”, “pen”, “book”, etc.

    I have one this year that starts everything with “Don’t you think…” before she explains exactly what she wants me to do. “…you should give less homework?”, “…we should go to lunch now?”.

  2. Sara on September 27th, 2010 5:15 am

    Okay, the “I’m not late” drives me up a wall. We have bells. The bell rang four minutes ago. Everybody else is working on the Do Now and you strolled in chatting as loudly as possible and then informed me that you aren’t late. Seriously?

    My addition to the list:
    “My ________ broke” Fill in with pen, pencil, notebook, ability to think for myself… I cannot understand why they are constantly informing me of their broken materials. Take out a working pen and throw the old one away, tell your mom you need a new binder, and leave me alone about it!

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