gorillaThis story comes from my daily skate, rather than the classroom, but it’s one of those aw shucks stories, and I have been a little crabby lately, so I needed something like this to restore my faith in America’s youth.

English Quiz: We have been working on simple, compound, and complex sentences for the past couple of weeks. What kind of sentence was that whopper of an intro?   a) simple  b) compound  c) complex  d) compound-complex

Today there was a little boy of about 5 or 6 standing by the park water fountain that is one of the regular stops on my skate around town. As I skated up, I did my usual little 720 spin flourish to stop in front of the fountain. I had my earbuds in (rocking in a country stylie with my new fave singer, Lindy Ortega), but I could still hear him say something like,


Then, as I was drinking from the fountain, he started talking and pointing at me. I figure he’s still marveling at my skating prowess, and maybe wants some tips on being like me. Silly me. I took out my phones and hear,

“–you vote?”

“What was that?”

“Did you vote?”

“Ummm. What?” I know, just like the seventh graders; acting like a deaf grandpa.

“Did you vote? You have the ‘I Voted’ sticker.”

“Yup. I voted.”

Note: I have about five or six other stickers on my helmet, all of which are much larger and more colorful than the “I Voted” sticker that’s still there from last November. The old lady at the polling station loved sticking it on while I bent my head over. One of the other stickers is of a large smiling gorilla. There are a couple of Garbage Pail Kids.  I just busted a 720. He noticed the little patriotic oval on my spinning helmet.

“I voted too!”

“Oh yeah? Who’d you vote for?” I’m thinking I’ll hear a name from his class or SpongeBob or something. Again I’m thinking wrong.


At this point I was drinking water again, so I stuck out my thumb at him in agreement.

“You voted for Obama too?!”

Now I am slowly spinning to go.

“Yup.” Slowly skating away. “See ya!”

Turning the corner, I hear,

“And he WON!”

Over my shoulder, “You got that right my boy.”

Now I am skating around the backside of the restrooms next to the water fountain. As I get to the end of the building, I see that he has run from the around other side to meet me, waving his arms.


Yay indeed.