29 mo’ day. ┬áNever has that seemed so far away as this year. Here’s the sort of crowd I’m dealing with…

We’ve been practicing with outlining in preparation for (shiver) research projects. More on that later. One of the in-class activities we did involved a brief excerpt (I actually got it from the textbook!) from an article about twins. The excerpt talked about the differences between fraternal and identical twins.

I. Identical twins
A. One egg splits into 2
B. Identical genes
1. 2 girls
2. 2 boys
C. Occur once every 250 births
II. Fraternal twins

Their job was to fill in the second half of the outline covering the part about fraternal twins. Of course, in seventh grade, nothing is as easy as it sounds. Immediately we veered into, “I knew these twins who…” and etc. Then…

“I’m a fraternal twin!”

“Yes ‘Nancy.’ I finally realized (only about two months ago!) that your brother is one of the pains in my heinie earlier in the day. I hadn’t realized you were even related you are so different.”

Now Nancy is one of those people (in my experience they’re usually girls – sorry) who live on their own planet. The orbit of that planet ┬ámay not intersect with that of Earth very often. She’s that one who says, “What?” or “I don’t get it,” several minutes after whatever uproar there was has died back down.

So…after Nancy agrees that her twin brother is a pain, a girl next to her says that she is a fraternal twin too.

Nancy looks amazed,

“Really? You two don’t look alike at all.”

(Dang. I can’t get my blog software to format that outline correctly.)