This test tickles.

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I know, I know, it’s a completely juvenile title, but… you know that old saw about the longer you teach a certain grade, the more you become like them? And, as I have no doubt said before, I was pretty much already there when I started this job 18 years ago.

But I am going to be testing something for a while. My wife has her own marketing business, and she does a lot of work using Twitter (I shudder, but she’s actually being followed by the big-name magazine AdAge, and does quite a bit of business this newfangled way) and Facebook. She keeps telling me I could have a lot more loyal readers if I participated a little in this whole “social networking” thing.

Uh. Huh.

Then I figured out that I don’t actually have to have a Facebook account to put those little “Like” buttons on my posts.

Well then.

So those of you who do have  a Facebook account could, theoretically, click said buttons if you were to actually “like” something.

We’ll see.

At least you know I’m not jacking up my stats by clicking it myself.


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