OK… I signed up for Twitter. I am going to try an experiment. I am going to try to tweet my way through the day/week/year. Twitter is rolling out a new feature where you can collect all of your tweets in one handy list, which is just what I need. These days, by the time I get enough time to blog, I’ve forgotten many of the dozens of classic lines I hear throughout the day. You know how many times kids in your class raise their hands, and by the time you get around to them, they’ve forgotten what they were going to ask? (“Alzheimer’s is tough at your age.”) You know the equivalent happens to us all the time.

Twitter will remember for me!

I just have to remember to tweet.

I figure that there’s a warm up almost every day where they are working on their own and I have time to comment–

–Sorry, I just have a problem with the words Twitter and tweet. I think that’s the main reason I have avoided the whole thing for so long–

–so I will try to offer my insights and their malapropisms on a more regular basis. Then when I have more time, I can blog on that shtuff a little more easily. I am hoping that Twitter is not blocked at school. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just posted my first tweet ever. If any of you are actual Twitter users, I am @mrCinSLO.

I thought it was pretty funny.

We’ll see how this goes.