I just read a webnews headline that read: “Twitter is the New CNN.”

Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?

If Mr. Coward were to “tweet” his way through a typical day period (which is about as likely as, oh let’s see, Hell freezing over is too cliche, how about…Bill Gates going broke.)

8:21- the homies r screaming since vp said hand over your heart 4 the pledge – oh the pain! I left the door open: some poor late kid in the hall looks alarmed

8:22- I gotta put a switch on the speaker: more drivel from some underprepared kid talking 2 close 2 the mic…sounds like the bus station back in the day

8:26- blue slip. since it doesn’t say NOW, I set it next 2 the Popple…probly forget it later

8:30- finally!! “share” time is over and we can start – don’t remind me that I told Vero she could share first tomorrow about something she will have forgotten by then if we’re lucky

8:32- checking vocab hw, 1/4 not holding…”why is my grade so low?” it ain’t rocket science people

8:38- correcting warm up…let one of them try to write on the shmartboard …you can’t rest your hand on the board…you hafta stand off to the side a little d’oh the wheels are off the cart…anyway, that thing’s coming down next week

8:40- office slave bringing forgotten lunch…no chips…dang. that’s the usual transfer fee

8:41- “I have a question!”  that’s probably why you raised your hand…c’mon now…didn’t we talk about this yesterday?

8:46- I wonder why this class always seems to be behind the others.

8:48- Can we go over the vocab homework now? Thank you.

8:51- busted a little move on ’em to demo the word sinuous. Was asked not to do that again. Not a one of ’em will forget that word.

8:59- Raffle King sez no dice cheese slice to cheat sheets on the pretest. the other choice was no doubt rainbow trout… last week it was nyet nyet Soviet and da

9:02- vocab pretest clicking…here it comes, even after 150+ days… let’s see, there are 10 words and 13 blanks, what do you think? duh you will use some words more than once… spare me please

9:10- went over pretest, saved #7 for last because it was the one that separates the wannabes from the gonnabes (exempt that is)… crushed a few dreams with that one

9:12- Tom Sawyer reading check… no open mouth – no moochers this time– yes open book yes you can use your study questions if you did ’em… “easy money if you read last night and listened in class when I was reading”

9:18- pretty easy to tell who read and who didn’t looking at the clicker results… avg 7.2/12.  some genius asks how somebody could get a 7.2

9:20- reading TS aloud- lotsa Huck talking today: becuz and thish yer and dono, mighty deep. I love reading Twain’s dialogue.

9:24- somebody peeking in the door-  detention crim released early from previous class… how can we be done already?