Yesssssss, as the kids say when we’re checking a quiz or something, and they get a few in a row correct. If they’re on a streak as we go over it, it’ll be…

“Number seven… D – savvy, the opposite of naive.”


“Number eight… E – none of the above.”

“Yessssssssss.” It gets longer each time.

“Number nine… there there… let me help you with that… C – patronize.”


“You sound like you’re leaking air. Puh-leeze.”

“Number ten… C – aghas–”


“I mean E – none of the above. ”


“Would you just stop it? Now?!”


But anyway… Yesssssssss!

The intervention was a success.

Thanks for the update Mr. M. We are all glad to hear that your colleague has seen the light, and if she actually reads Readicide and gets it, we might see some real change. Just think how many kids we saved. (Do the math.)

And I guess great minds think alike; I was just going to start blogging my way through Nurture Shock . I’m going camping this weekend, and we have a Survivor, Modern Family, Psych triple shot of tv love tonight that is like a long-awaited fix for a tv junkie like yours truly, so I probably won’t get into the meat of it for a few days, but here are a few previews:

1. Chapter one about praise for smartness: I told you so!

2. The chapter about lying: As my brother Dr. House (now back!) says, “Everyone lies.” Especially adolescents. Always check. Always. In fact, I forgot that rule myself for awhile, and we are dealing with some “issues” with the boy now. Bottom Line: They’re just telling you want you want to hear (or not telling you what you don’t want to hear), but that doesn’t make it ok.

3. Since you have those two, no doubt adorable, twin infants, you will be most interested in the chapter about scaffolding and reinforcing language development in the very young. I have some anecdotal evidence to back up what he talks about in that chapter.   My wife, it turns out was a natural without even knowing it. Also, the part about Baby Einstein and such… We only used Baby Mozart (and a wiggle chair)  to get the boy to take a bottle of “mommy milk” while mom was at work.  It was the only combo that made him relaxed enough to let me slip in the fakie nipple. (TMI?)

4. D’oh… Survivor’s starting. See you tomorrow!