We have a new candidate for greatest misspelling ever. And the sweet irony of it is that it surfaced during a spelling test. Plus, I think I came up with a new catch phrase (for that class anyway).

I have them reading non-fiction for their independent KBAR book. That’s sort of one of the “big” changes coming with the advent of the Common Corporate. There is supposed to be more of an emphasis on non-fiction and “useful” reading. Oh, did I give away a bias there? So sorry. We’ll get back to that another time.

Anyway, a lad in my one class mostly filled with “challenging” lads such as himself… (Wait. Why are classes like this almost always at the end of the day?) …is reading a book about WWII. I am standing there reading his response for the week while they work on their Friday test, when I come across the word for Hitler’s fascist party. Now we get to the part I don’t understand. He’s reading a book about WWII and yet he can’t seem to spell the most basic four-letter word from that era.

Picture in your mind what the phonetic spelling might look like, but still following the turn-the-y-to-i-and-add-es rule when making it plural.


I don’t want to bring the house down during a test, but I do want to work this kid publicly, so I don’t reveal the actual word. I very emphatically circle it it his notebook saying,

“So. You’re reading a book about WWII, which uses that word-”

(from the peanut gallery) “What word?”

“Mind your own bidness. -many, many times. Correct?”


“And yet, somehow, you can’t manage to remember how to spell it… or even come close? Why not look in the book?”

“I couldn’t find it.”

Ok. So the house came down a little anyway.

“In a book about WWI, you couldn’t manage to find THAT WORD THERE AT… ALL?”


“But didn’t you say that…”

Now the genius next door to him is guffawing a little too loudly, so I pick up his notebook. His first line yields gold.

“…and I rilly like the part where…”

I didn’t think there were any more Valley Girls. (Does anyone know what I’m talking about there?)

I circle that one in his notebook, and glare at him incredulously.

“Rilly?!” I RILLY emphasize the -ill.





Now everyone is starting to get it and laugh. I say,

“C’mon, you’re joking right? You can’t tell me you think that’s the way you spell-”

“What? Isn’t it r i l l y?

There is pandemonium. The house might just come down anyway. I still can’t believe he’s serious.

“So what you’re telling me is that you’re the Rill Dill?”

It took about five minutes for the dust to clear and there were several aftershocks.