This one will be short, because I’m going to bed early. It was a rough weekend.

The wife went out of town this weekend, leaving the boy and I to our own devices.

We went to the climbing gym, and were literally the only ones there. It’s a co-op, so there aren’t any employees, and we used our keycards to get in. We cranked up the house sound system, and (literally) rocked. I wish I could say it was midnight, but it was closer to noon.  Then I took a nap while the boy worked on his web site.

We ate fries. We played Wii.

We read books. Mine: David Lee Roth’s autobiography, Crazy from the Heat. One of my fave books of all time. It’s out of print (a shame) and not even available in e-book format, so I’m reading an actual hard cover book! My friend got it on Amazon after I had raved about it awhile back. I’ve almost killed it in a weekend. The boy’s: He finished the last of the Hitchhiker’s Guide books this weekend.

We watched football.

Oh yeah, and I took him to a punk rock show.

The old 80’s silly punk band, The Dickies, was playing with short walking distance, with two other current, but 80’s style punk bands opening. The Dickies used to be called The Incredible Shrinking Dickies. The singer has a really high nasally voice that some people can’t cope with. Their most famous hit was a Mach 7 speed cover of the old Banana Splits Theme Song. They still rock very hard. And loud. We wore earplugs.

The boy and I were right against the stage.  I was a human shield fending off the waves of pushing and Pogoing. I had some help from two women with tattoos who used some well-placed elbowing to keep away the riff-raff. Some over-zealous rocker tried to put me in a headlock, but a knee, an elbow and a burly bouncer took care of things quickly. Nothing I hadn’t seen before in the pit at Ramones shows back in the 70’s and 80’s. The roadie for the Dickies came out at the end and gave the boy a pick. He had a blast. Then he got up early and went to breakfast with his grandpa with some of the blue streaks still in his hair from last night. I slept in.

There was also that hand puppet. The video below is from 2008 I think. But if you can picture the boy and I where the burly bouncer who’s being harassed by the puppet is, that was pretty much the scene last night. “Stuart” comes out at the 1:05 mark if you want to fast forward.

“If Stuart Could Talk”

Now I’m going to bed.