Well. I guess daily posts might be a little ambitious for me…

They’ve been begging to read Outsiders. (All according to plan.) Almost as much as they’re begging to see “Unpack Your Adjectives” again. One kid even said, “That’s why you don’t let us take it home. We’d just read it all in one night. You like to torture us with the suspense.” Very perceptive, that boy.

We finished chapter two, and charged into chapter three today. We talked about foreshadowing with Johnny and the knife he now carries (after the flashback to his mugging), and foreshadowing again with, “I know better now,” at the end of chapter two. (See how easy it is to teach those kinds of terms with this book?) Then we get to how Cherry can actually open up to Pony, unlike around her “friends” and how she always has to keep up an image. I stopped there and asked them, “How many of you are a different person around your parents from the one you are around your friends?” Most of them raised their hands. “How many of you are yet a different person around Gramma?” Most hands again. “How many of you are a different person when you are by yourself?” Same. Same. Maybe even more. “So. Which one is the real you?” You can almost see the steam coming out of their ears. “So, you’re faking it for Mom and Gramma? Or are you faking it for your friends? …How many of you have said you liked something when you really didn’t (like Cherry admitting to Pony she doesn’t really think river-bottom parties are cool), just because your friends said they liked it?” More sheepish hands. “And so, picture Cherry, a Socy cheerleader. A popular Socy cheerleader. She has a certain image she HAS to keep up. Certain things she has to say, certain people she should talk to, certain things she should like. She’s sorta trapped, isn’t she?” I saw quite a few light bulbs going on.

It’s great when I can end class at a particularly suspenseful moment. Like today, in several classes it worked out that I was able to stop in chapter three, just where the blue Mustang cruises slowly by. The moans of disappointment were music to my ears.

Here’s yesterday, with the vocabulary pretest.

Here’s today, with the Outsiders chapter one quiz, which I let them take “open-mouth.” What? I haven’t talked about open mouth? Manana.