Quick, who was the 14th President of the United States? Don’t be opening a new tab to look it up now.applecookie

If your cafeteria carried snacks with “Education in Every Bite,” you’d already know. You’d also know that Spanish for apple is manzana. And that the capital of South Dakota is Pierre. (Really?!) sdcapital

Friday I learned that the 14th President was Franklin Pierce. I also learned that “he could have been” the guy who… But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

More than a year ago, someone from the cafeteria staff left a pile of sample snacks that a sales rep had dropped off. (The district kitchen is at our site.) One of the samples was a bag of little vanilla wafer type cookies with states and capitals stamped on them. I thought it was so funny that the packaging said “Education in Every Bite” that I put the empty bag on the wall.

Friday for some reason, I noticed the little bag again and decided to take it over to the food service lady who does the buying to see if we might get them in stock; they were tasty as well as funny. Twenty two years as a daily customer gives me a little access, but I wasn’t really holding my breath. To my surprise, she said,

“Oh yeah, those should be in Monday. We’re getting Presidents and Spanish words too. You want a couple of bags? I think I have a box of Presidents already in the back.”

Talk about serendipity! She seemed unfazed by the coincidence, but I spent the rest of the time before school showing them off. Got my brother Barak, Lincoln, and William Henry among others. Collect ’em all! Except I ate ’em all. Mmmm… James Madison.

I was still working on them when Homie Base started. I was displaying them one by one under the document camera as I ate them (“I’m the only one who gets to eat in here”) and we got to President Pierce.

Reenter Hayley from a couple of days ago. She was the one who thought it was cool there was a language called Cambrian spoken by only people from a town 45 miles away from here.

This time she says,

“I wonder if he’s the guy who invented piercing… and you know, that’s why we call it that now.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

“Do you know what the word pierce means Hayley?”

Franklin Pierce: Inventor of body piercing?
Franklin Pierce: Inventor of body piercing?

“Of course. It means getting earrings or something through your nose, but that’s gross, or like something that.”

“But the actual definition of the word? You realize it’s a word too? That it doesn’t have to be about piercing your body?”

“But he could be the guy they named it after.”