I don’t remember whether I mentioned it here or not, but I was told at the beginning of the year that my STICK had generated a parent call of concern, and that I was advised not to wield said stick in front of the kids any more.

“Some kids say they’re intimidated,” was the line I got.

That’s sort of the point, ain’t it? Oh well.

Anyway, no stick this year. I have a foam Lego sword in the interim, until certain easily intimidated students have passed on to the high school. It doesn’t make nearly as much noise, but it looks pretty cool. One of the kids even gave me a shield that matches.

That’s the short version of the backstory for today’s post. Onward.

Today, I was heading in the back door of the cafeteria kitchen to hunt for breakfast (scone and oj), when one of the lunch ladies flagged me down.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Answering questions is what I do.”

“Didn’t you used to walk with a cane? You’re doing so well now.”


I had to explain to her that, while I may have paid some homage to Greg House and his cane in the way I twirled and poked and such with my stick, it was just that, a stick for emphasizing my point and scaring the kids.

“No, not a cane. Just a stick.”

“Well, I was very impressed with your recovery.”

Thanks.  Maybe I just found a loophole in the no stick decree.